Packaging design fascinates me. It can make or break a product’s selling power. I can spend hours just walking through stores comparing product looks. I went searching for a new, and inexpensive, foundation and found the coolest cosmetics range. Catrice Cosmetics is an overseas based make-up company that was recently brought to South Africa. The packaging is beautiful and classy. At first I thought it would be expensive, but it is really cheap compared to others. I bought the Photo Finish 18H Liquid Foundation and it left me pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be supporting the brand in the future.

Here are a few of the products they offer:

PRIME AND FINE SMOOTHING REFINER:   The oil-free silicone-based primer practically makes pores disappear and fills out wrinkles for a smooth, refined complexion.

ALL AROUND CONCEALER: With this set of five shades, it’s easy to even out small skin irregularities (beige shades), magic away dark shadows under your eyes (pink shades) and cover up redness (green shade).

RE-TOUCH LIGHT-REFLECTING CONCEALER: The ultimate creamy, light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh appearance. Light-reflecting pigments and medium coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients hide shadows under your eyes and other small imperfections in no time at all. Its gentle texture feels pleasant on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Available in three shades in a premium silver twist-pen.

PHOTO FINISH 18H LIQUID FOUNDATION: Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours. The oil-free formula feels pleasantly light on your skin. Available in five shades with a medium coverage, it comes in a high-quality, frosted glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser.

EYE SHADOW BASE: The Eye Shadow Base makes any eye shadow waterproof with its creamy texture – simply apply underneath your eye make-up to make your gorgeous looks even more colour-intense and long-lasting.

MADE TO STAY LONG LASTING EYE SHADOW: Eye shadows with a high pigmentation for the ultimate metallic shine effect. The soft cream texture is easy to apply and lasts for an extremely long time – without settling in the crease of your eyelid or smudging.

ABSOLUTE EYE COLOUR QUATTRO: Play with new combinations – but with the usual maximum color, durability and coverage. The Absolute Eye Colour Quattros are available in two new harmonies of color to go with the latest trends.

EVOLUTION TO REVOLUTION VOLUME MASCARA: One brush, two separate brush-stripping systems – with the CATRICE Evolution To Revolution Mascara, you are sure to create just the right look for every occasion: the slim brush-stripper offers classic lash volume for every day as it picks up less texture while the larger brush-stripper captures more texture for ultra volume and glamour.

EYE BROW SET: In addition to tweezers, a brush and a mirror, it also contains two shades of powder for lighter and darker eyebrows, which can be perfectly aligned to suit your eyebrow color. A true all-rounder in an elegant case.

SUN GLOW MATT BRONZING POWDER: The matt Bronzing Powder gives your face and body a naturally-tanned and matt appearance. Just a hint of powder is enough to provide a fresh, shimmering complexion.

MULTI COLOUR BLUSH: The four natural shades are ideal for gently defining the contours of your face for a healthy glow and fresh energy. Available in two color variations.

ULTIMATE COLOUR LIPSTICK: The smooth and creamy texture is extremely long-lasting and provides a gorgeous finish. Available in a total of 16 colours.

COLOUR INFUSION LONGLASTING LIP STAIN: Its fruity aroma lifts the spirit and is easy to apply thanks to the soft shape of the tip. Apply in several layers to intensify the color. Use waterproof remover to remove. Available in a total of five colours.

ULTIMATE NUDES NAIL POLISH: Very subtle when applied only once and provides extreme coverage when applied twice. The individual nude look will never get boring thanks to a choice of seven shades. Free of formaldehyde.

I love pretty bargains!


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4 Responses to GUESS WHAT I FOUND

  1. cloudoflace says:

    These are definitely gonna help me through my next make-up shopping round! :D
    Thanks for the great info!


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